ICTSI is a Philippine-based global port operator that is gaining a reputation for exploiting workers, disregarding safety and denying workers' fundamental labour rights. The company is fast becoming one of the most controversial companies in the maritime industry.

The ITF is standing with workers and their unions in ICTSI terminals, to bring an end to labour violations across the company’s global business, and ensure decent working conditions for all dock workers.


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Global Operations


ITF is actively organising dock workers at ICTSI terminals globally, working side by side with local unions demanding that ICTSI adheres to local laws and international labour standards.


Fighting for Justice


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“ICTSI’s operations – unlike those of other major terminal operators – are concentrated in countries where labour rights are not guaranteed. Yet the responsibilities for companies working in these environments are clear: the UN Guiding Principles clearly state that companies have a responsibility to mitigate against human rights risks – including potential labour rights violations – in the countries where they operate. With workers in almost all ICTSI terminals facing limitations on their access to labour rights at a country-level, it is clear that ICTSI must do more to ensure the rights of its workforce at an enterprise level.”

Professor Bradon Ellem, University of Sydney Business School


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