Madagascar dockworkers protest at Parliament as global union warns Africa against partnering with ICTSI

The plight of the Malagasy 43 –dockworkers sacked in Madagascar for standing up for their rights – has reached the highest levels of the Madagascan Government today with protests at Parliament and meetings scheduled with Government to try and resolve the dispute.

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) and local Madagascan union SYGMMA will be meeting with Minister of Public Service, Labor, & Social Law Jean de Dieu Maharante and requesting that the Madagascan Government enforce the Supreme Court ruling and resolve the worsening dispute. The meetings come after major international garment manufacturers Esprit and Levi Strauss and Co. backed the workers and called on the government to uphold basic labour rights.

ITF President and Dockers’ section Chair Paddy Crumlin said the Malagasy 43 had support from around the world, with dockers in Indonesia and Georgia holding events in their ports to show solidarity with them today.

“We will keep fighting for justice for these workers. The government and ICTSI need to agree to work with the unions to improve safety and working conditions at the port. The first step is to accept the court ruling and let them get back to work.

“The other message we will be giving the government is ICTSI is a rogue operator. They boast about charging hugely inflated prices of US$250 to move a container through their African ports while paying their workers as little as US$40 per month. 

“ICTSI were a bad choice to operate the port.

“The ITF will be delivering this message today in Madagascar and in the future across Africa – wherever ICTSI are looking to expand into. There are better operators for governments to partner with. In particularly, in Tanzania, where they are interested in buying the port operator, the government should be wary and instead choose an operator that charges their customers fairly and treat their workers with dignity and respect,” Mr Crumlin said.

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