Pakistani dockers continue to stand with ICTSI workers around the world after successfully signing union agreement

Dock workers in Pakistan have repeated their vow to stand side by side with dockers around the world in their struggle against oppression, exploitation and union busting at the hands of multinational port operator International Container Terminal Services (ICTSI).

This follows hundreds of workers from the ICTSI’s Pakistan subsidiary, their union as well as ITF affiliates and other transport sector unions, rallying in Karachi last month.

Patron in Chief of the PICT Democratic Workers' Union, Abdul Razzak Memon said that, “The PICT Democratic Workers' Union and our members have taken a stand against the labour rights violations which ICTSI are unleashing against workers in the rest of its global operations.”

The actions of the PICT dock workers and transport sector unions in Karachi has demonstrated to ICTSI’s global workforce that they are willing and able to support in any global solidarity action in the future.


This global solidarity follows the successful negotiation of a new two-year collective agreement with Pakistan International Container Terminal (PICT) that delivered a 20 per cent pay rise for all employees and secured 10 months back pay to compensate for delays in negotiations.

Negotiations also resulted 300 workers transitioning from insecure to secure work, seeing all casual workers being made permanent.

Abdul Razzak Memon Iqbal added that while the union and their workers have celebrated this significant achievement, they remain concerned about ICTSI’s industrial relations practices across the rest of their network. 

“We again call on ICTSI to respect workers’ fundamental labour rights across the entirety of the company’s global operations. Long live dock workers. Long live PICT workers. Long live the ITF.”