Rally: VICT stop undermining wages and conditions!


Outside CFMEU Victoria, 540 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne
Thursday, 12th of April 12:00pm

Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT), which operates the newest terminal at Webb Dock, is owned by ICTSI, a Philippine-based multinational global port operator who is becoming one of the most controversial companies in the maritime industry.

The ITF has uncovered serious exploitation of ICTSI’s workforce. ICTSI’s workers are underpaid and overworked, harassed and coerced, and union members often face violence and intimidation in retaliation for raising workplace issues. ICTSI prioritises profit over workers’ dignity and safety.

ICTSI has come to Australia and imported its anti-worker business model that they have run out all over the world. VICT has undercut industry rates and conditions.

Broken promises related to pay and permanency, the company’s disregard for safety by attempting to override safety officers, and the sacking of an MUA delegate led to the VICT dispute last November which was met with resistance from workers’ unions, politicians and the local community.

Join the ITF, and Australian and international unions, in standing up and calling out ICTSI's exploitation of workers and their communities.

Stay updated. spread the word. Hold Them accountable

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