Reportedly, Philippine port operator ICTSI has signed 25-year agreements to operate the ports of Lae and Motukea, Port Moresby. The ITF, the Maritime International Federation (MIF) and the PNG Maritime and Transport Workers Union (PNGMTWU) are concerned about the potential entry of ICTSI into PNG.

There are concerns about how the entry of a large multinational into the PNG port sector will impact on workers, local communities and landowner groups. Questions remained unanswered about:

  • recognition of the landowners’ ongoing cultural and historic connection with their land;
  • compensation for landholders’ investment in the ports, and their ongoing  participation in the port operations;
  • the impact on workers;
  • the impact of ICTSI’s entry on the viability of rural and remote terminal in PNG’s domestic coastal shipping network; and
  • the implications that ICTSI’s predatory pricing structures will have on the costs of goods in the country.

This factsheet outlines the key issues regarding ICTSI’s potential entry into PNG including:

  • labour violations in ICTSI’s network;
  • the exclusion of landowners; and
  • ICTSI’s history of predatory pricing.