ICTSI’S global expansion: a risky proposition?


ITF analysis has found an emerging pattern of labour rights violations throughout one of the world's fastest growing stevedoring companies: Philippine-based International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI).

The report shows that labour issues at ICTSI terminals are not limited to current disputes at ICTSI terminal in Madagascar and Indonesia. Severe labour violations can be found throughout ICTSI’s global network including: a failure to respect the right to freedom of association; poor safety standards; and illegal outsourcing of labour. Many of these violations are in breach of domestic law in the countries where ICTSI operates and contravene international labour conventions.

This report outlines the pattern of labour violations emerging in ICTSI's network, and that this volatility, and political and economic risk across their network should be of significant concern to governments, investors and financiers supporting ICTSI’s expansion.